Seems like Uncle Joe is still on the fence to try to become our next president.

Former Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Oprah over the weekend to talk about his new memoir. Oprah didn’t waste time to address the elephant in the room: Are you running in 2020?

With the current president’s ratings diving deeper and deeper monthly many are already looking ahead to picking a new president in 2020. However, Biden, 74, admits due to age he is not sure what may happen in the next two years.

“I’m, as I said, a great respecter of fate,” he says. “I’m over 70, I’m ― thank God ― right now in awful good health. But I don’t know … what things are going to be two years from now. So I just don’t know. I promise you: I’m not doing anything to organize running, but I’m going to go out there and continue to do what I’ve done since I’ve been 26 years old: holler.”

They always say in politics unless you say no, you are leaving the door open (fingers crossed). You can see more of Oprah’s interview with Joe Biden here.

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Source: Huffington Post

Video: OWN