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It’s no surprise that the ongoing public meltdown of Tyrese was eventually going to impact his custody case with his ex-wife – and it finally has. It’s being reported that Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma Gibson is now demanding that the troubled singer/actor get a mental evaluation.

Literally everyday Tyrese is making headlines for his erratic behavior and his lingering custody case with his ex-wife over his daughter. Now, all of those questionable videos and posts on social media have come back to hit him hard, as they are the cause of a firmly requested mental evaluation from Norma Gibson, the mother of Tyrese’s 10-year-old daughter Shayla.

The Grio has further details about Norma’s new request:

Norma Gibson, wants a judge to order a mental evaluation for Tyrese, in light of his recent breakdowns on social media.

[She] is asking for a permanent restraining order against Tyrese and claims that the social media videos talking about her and their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, break the terms of the temporary restraining order preventing him from having direct or indirect contact with either of them.

[Her] attorney Aleen Khanjian pointed to the videos as proof of the need for an evaluation and also to a court-appointed evaluator who described Tyrese as having a “mental illness.”

Meanwhile, things are getting even worse for Tyrese because he is now claiming to be broke due to spending more than his monthly income, according to recent reports. He recently submitted legal documents outlining his financial situation.

Reportedly, he makes $105,686 monthly, but spends $107, 576 every month, which puts him in the red. Legal documents go on to state that Tyrese has $884,658 in the bank and property worth about $1.7 million. However, he also owes his lawyers $133,750.

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