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We all remember Nola Darling and how she played the field to see what guy was the one for her by dating three at the same time! Well, she’s back in the Netflix series She’s Got To Have It created by Spike Lee.

That came out my Tuskegee brother in 1986,” explained Lee. The show will stream on Thanksgiving day just in time for the hardest part of boycotting the NFL. But Lee calls it, “Black Binge Thanksgiving day.”

Lee really got a chance to go big on this show. “People forget that the movie was only 86 minutes. I have 10 episodes, I have a much bigger canvas to explore the depth of this character,” he expressed.

But Lee ask one thing from everyone when they watch it on Thanksgiving. “Please watch it before the Itis hits. At least watch 5 before the Itis hits,” he begged.

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