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Halle became a global power in X-Men, when she played white-haired heroine Storm. But as the millennium turned, Halle was still getting the most attention from the Hip Hop world—including a second shoutout from Ghostface in only four years.

On the skit “Who Would You Fuck?,” Ghost and his Wu-Tang associates discuss which famous beauties they would choose if they could. Of course, the epic showdown between Halle and the eternally gorgeous Nia Long was saved for last.

That same year, Halle was also in a highly-publicized car accident, suffering a forehead gash that required 22 stitches, according to LA Times.

She was given three years probation and community service after it was ruled that she fled the scene of the crash, leaving the other driver with a broken wrist and other injuries to be rescued by other drivers.



Q-Tip’s “Making It Blend”

Lyricist Lounge 2 by Rawkus Records


“Yo, I like a woman wit a bangin’ body, the face and frame of Halle

Attitude – angry, snotty, speaks slang and cocky”


Ghostface Killah

Supreme Clientele

“Who Would You Fuck (Interlude)”


“Nia Long or Halle Berry?”

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