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HBO’s Introducing Dorothy Dandridge wasn’t a blockbuster hit, but it seriously upped Halle’s rep as an elite actress around Hollywood; It even won her a Golden Globe.

The film was also a personally rewarding experience for Berry, who had long idolized Dandridge, the first woman of color to be nominated for an Academy Award for best actress for her 1954 film Carmen Jones.

While Halle was working to increase her prestige, Biz Markie and Chris Rock dissed her for Sharon Stone, Pamela Lee and Meryl Streep on the satirical track “Snow Flake.”

By now, Halle is known on a one-name basis in pop culture alongside supermodel Tyra Banks and actress Vanessa Williams as a standard of beauty.


Biz Markie and Chris Rock

“Snow Flake”

Bigger And Blacker


“Halle and Tyra just put me to sleep

Give me Sharon Stone, Pamela Lee and Meryl Streep”


Nas on Mobb Deep’s “It’s Mine”


“Silk shirts on my chest show what a flirt

Halle Berry blew a kiss at the Barbara Streisand concert”


Silkk the Shocker

“All Because Of You”

Made Man


“If I wasn’t Silkk the Shocker would like really try to sweat me

I always had girls but not like Halle and Vanessa”

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