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Since President Donald Trump has been elected to the Oval office many believe that his main agenda is to divide the nation.

Author Charles Sykes wrote the book How The Right Lost Its Mind: How The American Conservative Movement Came To Lose Its Values and Elect Donald Trump that explains how Trump took the highest office in the nation.

“Every time you think you’ve hit bottom you realize there is no bottom,” explained Sykes. “The hardest chapter I had to write was what happened to the Christians.” Sykes is referring to the Alabama Senate race with Roy Moore and the pastors who backed him despite his sexual assault allegations.

Trump has made it no secret it that he plays the race card by the people he’s targeted over social media is predominantly Black.

“Donald Trump is very consciously and intentionally playing a race card to solidify the support of his base,” explains Sykes. “Dividing Americans based on race in order to give himself a political advantage.”

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