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Tonight’s snoozefest of a Love and Hip-Hop New York episode picks up with Safaree tricking on Dreamdoll. We find them shopping for sunglasses and trying to convince us that they’re in a situationship relationship. Then Dreamdoll brings up her last encounter with Sophia Body–you know, the smoothie incident. In this moment, Safaree realizes that his mom might not be too fond of Dreamdoll. In case you didn’t catch the sentiment, Safaree is so serious about Dreamdoll that he wants her to meet his family one day. He tells her to focus on her career and stay out of the BS because his family ain’t with the drama.

As if she can actually help herself.


Anyway, Mariahlynn links up with her girl Bianca (who has pretty much been abandoned by Yandy, her “manager”) they haven’t talked in a minute so it’s time to play catch up. Mariahlynn fills Bianca in on the drama with Sophia the Body and lames James R. Bianca fills Mariahlynn on the drama with Bri, and how Dreamdoll jumped into the mix, threatening to throw hands next time she pops off on Bri. Bianca’s beef with Dreamdoll, a Gwinnin artist, poses a problem for Mariahlynn, also a Gwinnin artist for obvious reasons. Mariahlynn assures Bianca she got her back regardless, and that Dreamdoll better not come for her.

Lil Mo took her man on a judge show, Couples Court With the Cutlers, to have him take a lie detector test about his cheating. He flunked. Naturally, he tries to downplay his deceit by claiming that people have been sending him nude photos.


Lil Mo isn’t buying it so she insists that they go to couples therapy. Guess who the therapist is? Jeffrey “Keep a TV Check” Gardere. Karl is allegedly apologetic for making Mo feel terrible, but we know what show this is. Remorse is fleeting, so all we can do is wait and see if his behavior lines up with his apology moving forward.

Later on, Safaree gets devastating news. His uncle was murdered and he doesn’t take it well at all. He literally cries to Dreamdoll about it. She offers words of encouragement and does a good job pretending she actually cares, and Safaree eats it all up.

Now we’re with Yandy, Jonathan and Juju at some lounge, and Jonathan is playing carrier pigeon. Basically, word on the street is that Bianca has been talking smack about Yandy behind her back. Jonathan didn’t hear Bianca talking trash directly, but he heard this rumor from a “credible source.” Juju wants to play mediator and make sure that Bianca and Jonathan can talk about this.

Fast forward to Bianca actually being involved in this conversation. Justin admits that he was the one that delivered the message to Yandy, but won’t reveal his source. Bianca denies that she said anything about Yandy and demands to know where he got this info from and it all just goes left. Bianca actually tries to pop off on Jonathan until security gets a good grip on her. Jonathan is unbothered because he’s not about to physically fight Bianca, but he has verbal shade for days. In the end, Yandy tells Bianca that Jonathan was being loyal to their friendship by delivering that info. Bianca feels some type of way because Yandy is her “big sister” and “manager,” but has been MIA from her life.

Bianca might be better off without Yandy, though. Yandy has too much going on to be anyone’s manager. She has all these businesses that she’s pushing, but when has she actually done anything conceivable for an artist she has managed?


Anyway, the episode leaves us on that note. We’ll pick this back up next week, but did y’all see the promo for Love and Hip-Hop Miami? Now that version of the franchise looks like it’s about to be the kind of foolery that keeps us entertained.


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