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Bed and Breakfast inns are cute, cozy and usually tucked away somewhere. However, that’s quite the opposite for Monique Greenwood who owns four bed and breakfast inns along beautiful parts of the East coast. And to top it off, one of them is being featured on OWN TV in a docuseries called Checked In.

Greenwood is the CEO of Akwabba Mansion Bed & Breakfast that tops the list of good bed and breakfast places to make a stop at.

“Our goal was to really run it on the weekends while we had our day jobs,” explains Greenwood. “And very quickly we got people who wanted to come 7 days a week and that became challenging…We found that when people can’t have what they want, they want it even more.”

Greenwood has found success running her own business. “I really believe that being a business owner allow as you to create your own destiny,” she explained. “You can decide just how much you want to work, you can decide if you don’t.”

But everyone wants to know what it’s like running her own bed and breakfast with cameras running around.

“We had an understanding from day one that it was a reality show and that in real life I work. So I’ve got to get the job done, the people really do have to have breakfast in the morning they really do have to have their rooms freshened, “explained Greenwood.

She continued, “So the cameras kind of follow me as we do what we do. I was very comfortable about having the cameras in our space because I’m always around people.”

If you want to stay at the Akwabba Mansion Bed & Breakfast head over to

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