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You probably remember the time that John Mayer and Nicki Minaj had a tiny little flirt-lationship via Twitter–unsurprisingly, it made headlines. It all started when Mayer tweeted out his thoughts about Ms. Minaj, saying that he spends a good portion of his days wondering whether or not Nicki would like him. Within only a couple of minutes, Onika very quickly came back with a flirty “would my body be your wonderland?” reply. He was very flustered by that, but you can’t blame him.

That exchange went on back in September, and now we’re figuring out the singer’s thought process behind sending that tweet. John was on an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, where the program always takes questions from viewers on the phone. One fan called in and asked about the exchange, and John’s answer is pretty humble: he forgot he was famous.


A frequenter of some very entertaining tweets, Mayer simply states that he forgot he was famous when he send the tweet about, because he really does wonder a lot if Nicki Minaj would be fond of him–he just didn’t expect to find out so quickly what she really thought. He also speaks on the relationship between two people that mutually follow one another, but not wanting to break that unspoken bond by entering the DMs.

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