With eldest son Lonzo struggling his rookie season, does LiAngelo have a chance in the NBA?

Lavar Ball has been able to shock us all again with news that he is pulling his son LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA hoops.

This comes after LiAngelo was suspended indefinitely after being accused and later admitted to stealing while in China. The 19-year-old has never played a game in NCAA and was not in mock draft talks as being a prospect in 2018.

For many sports analysts and professionals, this makes no sense. However, Lavar believes his son can get ready without playing a collegiate game.

With LiAngelo now out at UCLA, Lavar has managed to pull both of his younger sons out of school this year. LaMelo, 16, was yanked out of his high school due to Lavar saying the basketball coach “wouldn’t listen to him.”

“All my boys are gonna be one-and-done. Gelo [LiAngelo] is going [to] be one-and-done whether he’s good or bad,” LaVar, referring to the trend of jumping to the pros after playing just one season in college, told ESPN in June. “I’m going to put him in the draft, hope they don’t take him. Bring him into the Lakers as a free agent, let him wind up with his brother and watch how good they play together.”

Only the future knows if these decisions by Lavar were the right ones. Like Lonzo, these two young men will have to cash the checks their daddy keeps on trying to write.

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Source: Newsone Now, ESPN