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There are only a few singers we know of that when they sing about heartbreak, it’s so powerful that you think you’re experiencing it yourself when you hear it. Singer Sam Smith has a new album called Thrill Of It All with his new single Too Good At Goodbyes.

All that heartbreak makes you wonder how Smith’s love life is right now. “My love life is really good right now actually,” explained Smith. “So it’s really quite weird singing songs about heartbreak when I’m feeling so good.”

Although his single is about heartbreak, his album isn’t dedicated to that kind of music. “There are only a few on there that actually I think are sad or about heartbreak,” he replied. “To me, this album is an album about loads of different things.”

“You know, I talk about other people’s stories in my life, I  talk a little bit about the world. And it’s more of an internal album, about me looking inside myself and figuring out who I am and what I’m trying to do,” explained Smith.

Be sure to grab a copy of Sam Smith’s new album Thrill Of It All in stores now.

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