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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up in San Francisco from when NeNe and Porsha were having a verbal sparring match over dinner. It gets so bad that NeNe makes Porsha cry. You know Nene goes as low as possible, and of course, she brings up the Kandi incident again. Marlo whisks NeNe away and the other women, except for Sheree, follow. Sheree stays behind to comfort Porsha, who really has no other allies in the group at this point. It’s due to Kandi-gate, but also because the other women generally feel like Porsha never owns up to her ish. That point seems true when Porsha starts telling Sheree that she feels like they’re bullying her and that they’re coming at her “for being Porsha.”


This isn’t going to get resolved anytime soon.

The next day, the group got together to go on an excursion. Porsha shows up, but NeNe decides to channel Cardi B’s line, “If I see you and I don’t speak that mean I don’t f–k with you,” and keeps it moving. Kandi also keeps her distance, as usual.

On the bus on the way to their excursion, Kenya gets sad because she’s reminded that she has to leave early to go bury her grandmother. Then Porsha gets emotional and walks away in tears. Porsha claims that she recently lost her uncle and is triggered by Kenya’s loss. She really wishes these group of women did actually support each other. Cynthia follows Porsha and offers some words of comfort. Basically, Cynthia and Sheree seem to think there’s hope that NeNe and Porsha can at least be cool again.

The ladies split up and NeNe is with Kenya, Kandi, and Cynthia, spilling tea about Sheree’s #PrisonBae. According to NeNe, the man is a con artist. Not really a shocker given that he’s in jail.


Meanwhile, Marlo, who is with Porsha and Sheree, gets the bright idea to set up a surprise wedding for Kenya to cheer her up. Fast forward to the wedding. The gang’s all here, except for Kenya, and they have a cardboard cutout of a man’s shadow, with a question mark on its face.



All of this sounds like it’s about to be a hot mess, but Kenya actually finds it funny and plays along.

The episode winds down with the group at a wine vineyard with some frisky married man flirting with them like he has no sense. The group stomps some grapes and ends up at dinner. It starts off well, with a toast to Kandi for her Essence cover. Kenya has left by this point, so this is the perfect time for them to gossip about her. Basically, Kenya’s marriage situation bothers them because they haven’t met her husband yet. Marlo is the main offender making shady comments, and eventually wanting to play a game where they raise their hands if they really think Kenya is married. Cynthia gets so upset that she walks out because she’s not trying to hear it.

NeNe goes to chat with Cynthia, who is off crying. Cynthia just wants them to leave Kenya alone and NeNe talks her off a ledge, and then in a twist of things, makes her realize that she actually also feels some type of way that Kenya is supposed to be her friend, but didn’t invite her to the wedding.

So…looks like this season is going to be about everyone constantly harping on Kenya’s mystery man and the wedding they weren’t invited to.


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