#BlackTwitter is not here for any slander and one newscaster learned the hard way.

As we reported Monday, multi-millionaire Sean “Diddy” Combs publicly display his interest in buying the Carolina Panthers NFL team.


Let’s see, Diddy alone is worth $820 million dollars, is a successful businessman in music, entertainment, fashion, and beverages (Ciroc and Aqua water deals), why can’t he own a football team?

Many were asking this question once a brain dead newscaster Darya Folson laughed at the thought that Diddy could be an NFL team owner. Folsom who works for Kron4 showed her inner racism when a commentator called in during her show to suggest Diddy “doesn’t do anything these days but smoke blunts and drink 40s.”

Wasn’t too long before #BlackTwitter got Folsom butt all the way together and gave her a much-needed read on who Diddy is.

To add about Diddy’s potential bid for the NFL team, Colin Kaepernick and Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry also showed interest to go in with Diddy to buy the team.


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