Seems like the LGBTQ is not trying to hear it from Cardi when it comes to this argument.

A huge debate has kicked off with the black and LGBTQ community over the word “queer.”

It started when Migos’ Offset said “I cannot vibe with queers,” on YFN Lucci’s “Boss Life.” Shortly the Atlanta rapper was attacked online by queer and straight people think he meant he didn’t like gay people.

The rapper gave an explanation stating that he used the word to mean “weirdos”, not gay people. Seeing that no one was happy with his apology his girlfriend Cardi B tried to defend her man but that didn’t go well either.

She continued to put pressure on those who identify as gay to stop “debating” with people but instead educate them.

“What is the point of the debate and this, this and that?” she said in her video. “You’re not educated, and that’s what’s important, to educate. Period.”

Sounds cute but like director Ava DuVerney put it perfectly it is not up for the LGBTQ to have to constantly educate the masses for they are not the ones that made it a problem to be themselves.

“If I’m forward-thinking and know that there is inequity, I should not need the transgender woman to take time out of her experience to educate me,” DuVerney told the Los Angeles Magazine.

Why can’t people just educate themselves and read a book though? Just a thought.

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Source: HuffingtonPost, Los Angeles Magazine