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What does 4 time retired boxing champion Laila Ali do with her time now? She pours it into her family and helping very deserving people by changing their lifestyles for the better. She’s hosting the 7th season of OWN’s Home Made Simple With Laila Ali.

“It is so much fun. Obviously you know it’s an honor to be on Oprah’s Network. Been looking up to her for so many years This show is in its 7th season. I’m the new host. I love decorating. I love inspiring people, I love cooking,” explained Ali. “We have these families who are very deserving families. It can be a mom who raises foster children and just needs a place for herself to go. So we might redo her master bedroom. And then I get in the kitchen and teach her how to cook healthy recipes out of my cook book Food For Life.”

However, Ali is also really captivated by the length of the show and it’s ability to better connect with people.

“But what’s really amazing about this season because it’s the 7th season, is that it’s an hour-long instead of half an hour so we have more time to really build out the story,” explained Ali.

Ali has a knack for interior design that she inherited from her mother.

“I  love decorating. That’s always been my thing. My mom actually was a decorator. She never did it professionally but she went to school for it was amazing at it.  That’s something that I learned through her.” explained Ali. “I think your surroundings are really important and how they make you feel everyday…it’s a life style as far as I can see it.”

Ali has cooked since she was 9 years old and remembers learning a lot about cooking from her grandmother.

“My step father who passed away whose name is Carl Anderson, the singer, used to make the best greens. He never told me exactly what he put in them but I saw some of it,” said Ali.

Well comedian Guy Torry wasn’t buying it and challenged Ali to a greens cook off.

“Since you challenge me you know I will say that’s not the first time I’ve heard of people using brown sugar,” said Ali. “I will enter a greens contest…let’s go c’mon. Greens boo, Imma beat you.”

Her book Food For Life is out and can be bought in stores and online!



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