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Should terminally ill patients have the option of ending their lives when they’re ready? That is what the “Death with Dignity Debate” is about. Ohio is currently considering the bill to legalize medically assisted suicide. A State Senator has introduced legislation mentally competent patients in Ohio with no cure for their condition to end their lives with the help of medicine.

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The bill does have certain conditions that need to be met before a patient could move forward.

  • The patient must be diagnosed with a terminal condition by the attending physician.
  • The patient must make two oral requests and a written request dated and signed in the presence of two unrelated adults.
  • The patient’s physician must inform the patient of all available treatment options.
  • The patient must request the medication free from any coercion or undue influence
  • If the physician suspects the patient may not be able to make their own heath care decisions, the patient must be referred for psychological evaluation
  • There are two waiting periods – one after the initial verbal request and one after the receipt of the written request by the attending physician.
  • The patient may opt out at any time.
  • No health care professional can be forced to participate.
  • The patient must self-administer the medication.

This bill has met some opposition, some say its suicide and murder by a licensed physician. Your Thoughts?