50 Cent jumping on the Bitcoin hustle.

The new hustle is Bitcoin and 50 Cent may have mastered the art of it.

NewsOne Now reports that Fif made $7 million of one of his investment in the cryptocurrency. The millions came from fans using Bitcoin to buy his 2014 Animal Ambition album. It also makes him the first rapper to accept Bitcoin to buy his music.

Via NewsOne Now:

“Fans purchased the album for a fraction of a whole bitcoin, which was valued at $662 each at the time. He pulled in 700 bitcoins in sales, equal to $400,000. Then, he let the money accumulate like an investment.”

Hip Hop is starting to eye the cryptocurrency as the future as other rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, and T.I. looking to make a profit.

We are moving farther away from a paper currency world.

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Source: NewsOne Now