A Florida teacher is learning the lesson to always proofread your work in the worst way.

NewsOne Now reports that a teacher accidentally asks her students to spell the n-word instead of the word “bigger.”

When students took their assignments home, parents were outraged to find the n-word on it.

“My daughter said to me, she said, ‘I know that word and I know what that word means, but is this supposed to be on my paper?’” said one of the parents.

The teacher did send a letter home to parents to disregard the list of words the students had to spell but didn’t indicate it was due to the racial slur.

Surprising most of the parents who have spoken out do agree that the teacher needs to apologize but they don’t want her to get fired. To add, the school district seems to agree with he parents.

“The district is aware of the unintentional and unfortunate mistake regarding the typo on the spelling words worksheet. The teacher involved has taught at Hamilton Elementary for many years and is extremely remorseful about the situation,” a school spokesman, Michael Lawrence wrote in a statement.

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Source: NewsOne Now