Eagles join the New York Giants as the only teams to beat the Evil Empire.

On football’s biggest nights we saw the impossible happen, Tom Brady and the Patriots losing in the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles beat the Evil Empire 41-33 and winning it’s first Super Bowl since being founded in 1933. The underdogs led by backup quarterback Nick Foles led the Patriots 22-12 at the half.


However, you know you can never count against Tom Brady until the game is over. The Pats did make some runs in the endzone including a pass from Brady to Rob Gronkowski to take the lead 33-32 in the fourth quarter.


Eagles then return to the endzone with an exciting touchdown pass to tight end Zach Ertz, which the official did rule a touchdown after debating if he had control of the ball once in the endzone. With less than 3-minutes left in the game, the Eagles take back the lead 38-33.


After the Pats failed to do anything with the ball and the Eagles sealed their faith with a field goal, the final score was 41-33.


QB Foles won a well deserved MVP award.


Fly Eagles Fly! Congrats to Philly and Eagles fans.

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Source: CBS News