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Philadelphia fans celebrate after Super Bowl win

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We know it as a scientific fact, but we’re pretty sure that when you put a whole bunch of drunk and high on who-knows-what on a flimsy awning, something bad is bound to happen.

And that’s exactly what went down (literally) in Philly last night when crazed Eagles fools, er, fans climbed on top of the Ritz-Carlton hotel awning and it collapsed with tons of people on top.

Only moments before the incident, fans were stage diving from the awning into the crowd. People were cheering and going crazy.

But, as you can see in the video too many people got on the awning and it collapsed.

All cops have said so far is that no one died in the revelry.

OK, so after seeing that bit of madness, you’re probably wondering if the Cheese Steak City is still standing after all the celebrating. Well, let’s find out via this report from WPVI:

It was a celebration like none other in Center City and throughout Philadelphia after the Eagles won their first Super Bowl Championship. But there were fans who took the celebration too far Sunday night, causing damage in parts of the city.

The mayor’s office said earlier Monday that three arrests were made, though Philadelphia police have declined to release an official number so far.

The windows at Macy’s on Market Street were smashed, with glass and debris littering the sidewalk. By Monday morning, the store window had been boarded up and the glass had been cleared.

“The lion’s share of people celebrate peacefully, but you’re going to get some idiots out there that feel like, for whatever reason, they have to destroy property,” said Commissioner Richard Ross.

Ross said the sheer volume of people made it difficult for officers to respond to specific areas on Sunday night.

Fans could be seen climbing poles and the gates in front of City Hall, while traffic lights were brought to the ground in several places.

A video shows a car flipped onto its driver’s side at Broad and Walnut.

You read the rest of the report at WPVI.



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