The worst part is the professor doesn’t see what the problem is?

Students at Princeton were shocked and outrage when their Cultural Freedoms professor repeatedly used the n-word.

It started when the professor was discussing the symbolism of oppression. He asked his class this question, “What is worse, a white man punching a black man, or a white man calling a Black man a n****r?” According to The Daily Princeton, once the question was asked, he repeatedly said the n-word again.

White and black students expressed to the professor that they were uncomfortable with him using the word but the professor stood his ground saying he would continue if he “felt it was needed.”

The Daily Princeton also reports, “Byrd later returned to class and allegedly confronted Rosen using an expletive, according to an anonymous source. According to Holliday [another student], Rosen did not directly address the students’ concerns. Instead, he walked around the question and defended his use of language. Rosen allegedly said, ‘It’s supposed to deliver a gut punch, so that’s why I used it.’”

Now students have filed a complaint against the professor for refusing to apologize and for not respecting the student’s opinion.

As someone who “should” have an expertise in this area, the professor should know the negative connotations of the n-word and should be able to understand why it should not be used.

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Source: NewsOne Now, The Daily Princeton