Would you give your 5-year-old a choice to dye their hair?

My it’s just us but most of us grew up with a mother or parent who was responsible for the care of our hair. We will guess not many of us would be able to persuade your parent to dye your hair platinum blonde.

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Well, Amber Rose is not like most parents and with that said allowed her 5-year-old son Sebastian to get his hair dyed. The proud muva shared photos of her son who “begged” her to have blonde hair.


Rose wasn’t feeling the negative comments saying she is giving her son too much freedom and how she just damaged his hair. Many people were asking what his father rapper Wiz Khalifa thinks about his son’s choice in hairstyle?

It is important to mention that Sebastian has been rocking blonde for a while now but this is the first time he has dyed his whole head that color.


How old do you feel a child can make their own decisions about their hair?

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