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Michael Garrett is calling for an investigation of all parties he finds responsible for the death of his four year old daughter, Aniya Day Garrett. Aniya was in custody of her 25 year old mother, Sierra Day, and her 20 year old boyfriend, Deonte Lewis, when she died of a stroke. Authorities say the stroke was caused by blunt force trauma to the head.

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Garrett wants an investigation into the Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services. Garrett stated that he notified court officials of suspected abuse against his daughter at the hands of Day and Lewis, and he fought to gain custody of his daughter. He says those officials did not act soon enough, nor did they investigate well enough to justify Aniya being in a safe environment. In addition to this, a day care worker that cared for Aniya had also filed reports regarding possible abuse against Aniya. Latasha Cunard, speaking on behalf of the Garrett family, states that Aniya was a sweetheart, and that she hopes those found guilty face the consequences.

“They should stay in jail for the rest of their life, and they shouldn’t eat; they should starve and they should get burned and anything else, whatever they did to her is what they should do,” says Cunard.

Day and Lewis are both being held on a $1 million bond, each.

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