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Drake is aiming to prevent Noel Fisher AKA “Detail” from using social media posts to help his case in suing the Toronto native rapper for assault. Detail was allegedly set up by Drake and assaulted by his bodyguard “Chubbs” at the rapper’s mansion in LA in 2014.


Source: RV – WENN / WENN

The producer claims he was invited to Drake’s mansion under the assumption that Drake wanted to create music with him. The producer, upon arrival, was confronted by Drake’s body guard. Detail claims that the bodyguard “chubbs” punched him in the face so hard, the blow broke his jaw, resulting in multiple surgeries. Drake “asked the judge to ban any evidence of hearsay.” The rapper says due to his fame, he believes if the stories and posts are presented to the jury, it could “lead to the risk of prejudice.”

It seems that Drake is being transparent and honest in response to the situation, as he has not denied any claims, or used any slander against Detail. Drake is only seeking to prevent irrelevant social media posts and uninformed news articles from being used as evidence in the case.

Source: The Blast