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A man from Fredericktown has received his sixth “OVI”, or Operating a Vehicle under the Influence, from Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Speeding Ticket

Source: David Lentz / Getty

Roger R. Raubenolt was arrested and charged on April 15 after his single-car crash on State Route 229. Investigators say Raubenolt was traveling eastbound on State Route 229, when he veered off the road, and struck a guardrail. No other cars or trucks were involved in the crash. Authorities say there were no passengers in Raubenolt’s vehicle or at the scene of the crash. Raubenolt is expected to appear in the Delaware County Municipal Court on April 20 at 8 a.m.

Ohio citizens who are guilty of driving while intoxicated, depending on the severity of the incident, are issued yellow and red license plates. Do they make a special license plate for the 6th offense?


Source: 10TV