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Meek Mill stood with P.A. governor Tom Wolf on Thursday, May 3, to talk about the criminal justice system and how his own situation reflects the lives of many young Black men where he grew up.

He dropped a bombshell when he confessed that he was addicted to opioids at a time, adding that he was scared to tell his probation officer because he believed it would be grounds for a judge to throw him back in jail. Meek also addressed the two men Black men who were unjustly arrested in Starbucks and explains how that situation could have ended very differently for him.

“I actually watched the Starbucks situation play out through media and if that was me in Starbucks, on probation, I would’ve been in technical violation and still would’ve been able to be legally sentenced to 2-4 years in prison just because I came in contact with police. Growing up in the streets of Philadelphia as a Black young man…we come in contact with the police on a daily basis,” he said.

When it comes down to it the Philly native believes, “…Everything happens for a reason. What I went through, I think it’s a path that God put me on for a better time.” Watch the full conference above and share your thoughts on Meek and Gov. Wolf joining forces to hopefully right a lot of wrongs.

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