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A grandfather has been praised for deftly tripping an armed suspect who was running from the police, allowing officers to catch up with him and make an arrest.

On April 3, Bill — whose real name has not been identified by the police — was waiting to leave a library in west Columbus, Ohio, with his granddaughter in tow when he heard police sirens. Soon after, he saw a man with a hand in his waistband running toward him, and heard officers repeatedly urging him to drop his gun.

According to a report by the Columbus Division of Police, Bill, who was holding a walking stick, then stuck out his back leg to trip the teenage suspect. The suspect’s gun flew out of his hand and police quickly piled on him.

The grandfather’s move, which was captured by surveillance cameras, “likely saved the 18-year-old suspect’s life,” according to the police statement.

After the suspect was arrested, police recovered a Glock 9mm pistol and 29 rounds of ammunition from him. As the 18-year-old had a “lengthy criminal record,” according to the police, he was taken to jail.

“Community involvement, be it by courage, bravery and/or fancy footwork, helped take a criminal off the streets of Columbus,” the police statement says. “Thank you ‘Bill’ for sticking your leg out for us.”

source: time,Youtube

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