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Burger King Fiscal Fourth Quarter Earnings Drop 17 Percent As Sales Drop

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The fast food wars continue. Burger King has taken a note from IHOP’s latest re-branding and shined brilliantly on social media.

In light of IHOP changing their name to IHOB (the “B” being for burgers) another popular restaurant chain is showed immaculate timing to take a shot at the sudden change of the iconic breakfast eatery.

On Monday, June 11 Burger King announced a new moniker as well; “Pancake King”. When one follower asked if BK had a grill IHOB could borrow they responded “sorry, old Burger King can’t come to phone right now…”


Naturally Twitter had a good time with the perfectly time jest.

Apparently IHOB will gladly take the shade as free publicity. Darren Rebelez, Executive President, explained “”If we have other people in the world of burgers commenting on our burgers, it can only help” in a comment to Business Insider.

Additionally Wendy’s, who keeps a very sharp Twitter account, took their shot as well.



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