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He did what?! It’s one of those weird, disturbing things that you have see to believe. And then you ask yourself, what the eff was that all about?  We’re talking about an elderly priest who lost it, as far as his patience was concerned, with a crying baby and slapped the infant during a baptism.

All it did (the slapping) was shock the baby and make it cry even more, not to mention it freaked out the parents and all thos osbserving.

Video of the incident was originally posted on by a user who provided few details about the video.

In the video, the priest is seen consoling a baby who begins to cry. As the child’s wailing intensifies, the priest grips the boy’s face and shouts at the baby. The priest eventually loses patience and slaps the infant across the cheek.

A woman who is holding the baby and a man standing with them are alarmed and being to protest, as a woman, who appears to be a church official, approaches the priest.

At that point the video ends.

As we said, it is unclear where and when the video was taken, and little information is known about the circumstances surrounding the incident. But that didn’t stop the Twittersphere from having it’s say about the disturbing clip.

“This is so scary and sickening, that baby knew that’s the devil in disguise,” one person tweeted. “That’s no priest.”

Another added: “If that’s my son, I’d have hit the priest so hard that even god would prefer staying outta this.”

The YouTube video has well over a million views and climbing with hundreds of thousands more (at least) on Facebook and Twitter.

“This man calls him self a priest!! Sick vile man,” a Facebook user wrote in a post sharing the video. “Slapping a baby what the hell is wrong with him he needs locking up.”



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