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Inspiration: “I wanted to express myself.”

I’ve been writing since I was 11 and recording since I was probably about 13, 14. So I’ve been making music for a little over a decade.

I was always intrigued by music. I just kinda hopped into it. I started writing poetry when I was like 10 years old. That’s how I learned how to rhyme.

Then I started getting on instrumentals, started rapping over those at the crib when I was watching my little brother. That’s just how I utilized my free time.

I didn’t have anybody in my family that actually rapped, but my uncle can sing really well. Growing up in church I would watching him sing in the choir.

As far as rappers, Master P, Cash Money and Dungeon Family were big influences. Snoop Dogg‘s “The Game Is To Be Sold Not Told,” was first album I ever bought and I always liked Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson of course.

But OutKast really stood out to me.

I liked that they had that whole East Coast, coming off the dome type flow. Rapping fast and changing up the tempo. They were some of the pioneers of the sound that you have coming out of the south right now.

I liked Andre 3000 because of how he expressed himself through his lyrics and also how he dressed. Like, he never followed a trend of what people considered as trendy. He never stayed in one lane. That’s why he was a big influence on me, because he just stood out.”

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