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Journey: “It started off as a hobby, but I kept it hidden from people for years.

At first it started off as a hobby, and then I kept it hidden from people for years. And then I started rehearsing some rhymes in front of people and people started saying, “That’s kind of dope.”

It encouraged me to be more open about it, then I started doing it so much that it became easier and a way for me to relieve my stress.

People actually enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it, so that’s when I realized I could actually do something with this if I take it seriously.

I guess it came my junior year in high school when I actually started heavily recording. Instead of doing homework I would just sit there and write rhymes with one of my homies.

Then I used to download songs and make mixtapes and sell them at school.

And I snuck one of my songs on there and I would hand them out. And people kept asking, “Who is this on that track?” And I was like, “Ay, that’s me.” They were like, “Man, get the fuck outta here.”

At that point, I was just like, “I think I’m working with something, it’s time to take this further.”

Growing up, I wanted to play sports, but it was easier for me to pop a cassette in and record some dope songs off the radio and rap over that because it didn’t cost that much and I always had paper or pencil in the house.

So I’d just sit around and draw or make music because my parents didn’t have to come out of pocket for that, that was something that I could do for myself. It kept me entertained and it helped me stay out of trouble, too.

Around the age of like 20 is when I was like, “OK, I gotta sit down and take this serious and create an album and create a sound.”

Music has been my main focus since about 2012, after my first performance. One of my classmates had an event and that was the first time I actually performed in front of people and I got a great response out of that.

My mom was there, my girl at the time, my little brother, people I go to school with — it was pretty fucking dope because I got a great response and ever since then I started hitting up open mics, and ever since then I’ve been meeting up with people and picking up momentum since then.

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