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We’re only two episodes into Power Season 5 and it’s clear that the running theme of this season is that no one really has as much power as they think. Tonight’s episode starts with two Toros Locos bodies dropping. We later find out it was the Serbian cartel behind this, but it’s the Jimenez Cartel that’s running things at the moment. However, the feds are on their case. The feds are also still working hard to find a way to take Jamie down as Ghost and to take Angela down as well. Meanwhile, everyone in the St. Patrick residence overhears Tasha sobbing over Raina. Tasha holed up in Raina’s room and just let it all out. Later on, we find out that Tasha plans to seek outside help to deal with her grief and this is about to lead to a doozy. Hold that thought.

Angela asks Tasha if anyone else knows that Tariq knew Raymond Jones. Tasha doesn’t know at the moment but she’ll find out. This is important because if anyone else makes that connection they’re all going down.

Business is not going well for the Three Amigos, Kanan, Ghost, and Tommy. It’s bad enough that they all got the Jimenez signature death cards, but then one of Tommy’s connects, the Serbian Cartel boss, is pissed because Tommy said he’d stop working with Ghost and obviously lied. So, since Tommy loves Ghost so much and he’s rolling with Kanan too, all three of them have to make up the million dollars that Tommy lost them. Tommy says he’ll make it right by killing the Jimenez bosses. This is a suicide mission for all of them, but you’ll say anything with a gun is in your face as was the case here (the Serbian goons had the Three Amigos surrounded). Kanan and Ghost have no choice but to be part of this. So, there’s that, there’s the Dre/Jimenez problem and Tommy also has an Italian problem and it’s astonishing that he’s still alive but we’ll get back to that.


Meanwhile, Councilman Tate has his Queens Child Project on his mind and he needs James to be the face of it, as we know. He wants to tug at people’s heartstrings (hoping they’ll donate) by having Tasha and Jamie hold a press conference offering a reward for information leading to Raina’s killer. Obviously the St. Patrick’s know who killed Raina and definitely don’t want to bring more attention to that situation, but Councilman Tate could care less. Plus, he knows that Jamie is shady and it really doesn’t look good that a man who is allegedly clean would have a situation like this. More often than not, normal people’s children don’t randomly end up assassinated without answers about who did it so Tate has a point. Plus, it takes one to know one. We see you, Councilman Tate (we don’t know what’s behind that politician exterior just yet, but it will come out at some point). Anyway, Tasha is absolutely against this, but Councilman Tate is determined to get his way.

Later on, Kanan and Ghost link up and Kanan actually apologizes to Ghost for leading Tariq astray.

“Sorry about your kid. Tariq tried to step up he’s a tough little nigga.”

Gee, thanks.


Ghost seems to accept this apology and also finds out who else knew about Tariq. Kanan thinks only one person can tie Tariq to Ray Ray, that would be David Strothers aka Brains, who he believes might be dead. Tasha presents that info to Angela, who then confirms that Brains and another associate named Big Country are dead. Angela also knows about the robbery ring because she has been investigating, and as long as Tariq isn’t implicated in the ring then he should be good. The thing is, they all forgot about Ray Ray’s cousin. You know, Tariq’s little hood booger girlfriend.


Proctor has a hearing to get his license to practice law back and his affiliation with James and Tommy doesn’t make him look good at all, especially since witnesses have disappeared during that time. That on top of his unorthodox methods of practicing law. It also comes out that Joe Proctor isn’t his government name. His father was a criminal and he changed his name to get away from that image. So now he’s basically trying to convince them that he’s not a gangsta like many of his clients have been accused of being (*coughs* and actually are). And then, Terry comes out to testify as a witness to Proctor’s shady practices. Proctor is shocked and Terry doesn’t even want to do this but he had no choice because Mak subpoenaed him. Terry tells the truth—he thinks Proctor can be unethical. Proctor then cross-examines Terry and asks whether he’s ever compromised himself or an innocent client before. Terry had the nerve to say no. We all know dang well dassalie. *Coughs* TASHA!


About that outside help that Tasha needed to cope with her grief. She convinces James to go to a church counseling group for parents who have lost children. James didn’t want to go but goes begrudgingly and Tasha tries to get what she needs to get off her chest, he grabs her hand to subtlely tell her to stfu. Tasha is pissed but both are moved by other parents’ testimonies. There’s one story from a dad who says he fantasizes about killing his son’s killer all the time. Said child was run over by a drunken driver. That driver is still living a lush life free of real consequences for his actions. All this grief and Ghost still can’t reconnect with his wife that he forsook. Instead, he decides to call Angela but gets voicemail (and he continues calling her constantly and not getting through). He leaves a distraught message about not doing and he’s actually alone in his car drinking. This is going to lead to somewhere not good. Hold that thought because in other Everything is Terrible News, Tate tricks Tasha and James into coming to a press conference that he set up anyway.


This event is actually a press conference. Tate set them up to do it anyway. It’s awkward when they come through thinking it’s a fundraiser and now they have to play along. Tasha gets on the mic and talks about bout how Raina was robbed of her beautiful future and really just tries to get her feelings off her chest but James gives her the “that’s enough” tap once again.

Who else is tired of Jamie’s BS? Tasha should have been cut him, but whatever.


Anyway, back to Tommy and his Italian problem. Remember the two young Italian goons Tommy paid 60 racks to kidnap Dre? Welp, they end up dying so Tommy has to explain to their boss, who also has to explain to their families what happened. Tommy decides to talk to his pops, Teresi first, before going to Vincent, the Italian boss. Teresi says to apologize like a man and take whatever punishment he gets.

Vincent is obviously pissed and you get the feeling that the only thing keeping him off Tommy’s azz, for now, is the Teresi connection. Then Tommy digs a deeper hole by lying to Vincent. He tells him that he took care of the guy who did this. Vinny then asks Sammy (one of Teresi’s old partners) if this is true and Sammy lies, begrudgingly lies. Tommy’s punishment is that he will take a 50% cut in profits and Tommy eats that like his father told him to.

Finally, we all get a reminder that Dre is kind of on top but he’s at Diego Jimenez’s mercy. This becomes really clean when Diego gives him a girl. He literally tells Dre to go have sex with the girl in their club bathroom. Dre wants to pay her to say they did it and she says she have to do it because Jimenez is crazy enough to check her kitty for wetness. So, Dre bends her over the sink and gets to it but then Jimenez walks in and says he wants to watch. Dre is rattled and not with the voyeurism so he dips, clearly freaked out.


Finally, the episode wraps with Ghost stalking a man and then stabbing him to death. It’s the drunken man who killed that kid. This scene is quite pathetic, more for Ghost than the dying drunk. This is how far he has fallen and the only thing he could cling to, for just one second, to feel like he has control of something and that something finally went right for a small moment until everything continues falling apart.

Let’s meet back here next week as we try to bring our blood pressure down.


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