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front view closeup of tabby cat hiding under dahlia foliage in garden

Source: new zealand transition / Getty

While dogs might be a man’s best friend, cats seem to be about deeper relationships.

If you get to know each other well, cats will definitely be ride-or-die when it comes down to it.

But they will also read you for filth without making a sound. Take the kitten below that literally looks like a shady best friend…


Or this one, who’s already over your entire wardrobe.


Now that I think about it, these cats look like they would shade every minute thing you do around the house…


And do you really need this kind of judgement in your life?


Is this just another sad case of resting b*tch face or do these cats actually hate everything about you?


I feel some type of way.

I’m over it.

Back to dogs.

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