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S. Carolina Gov. Haley Signs Bill Requiring Police Body Cameras

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A white woman is apologizing for her actions after a viral video that eerily evoked feelings similar to those probably experienced by African-Americans in response to the murder of Emmett Till. Yesterday we reported on a story in which Teresa Klein called the cops on a 9-year-old boy for allegedly groping her in a Brooklyn, NY corner store. In the footage Klein is irate when calling the cops to report the child had “grabbed her a**” as the family and neighbors comfort the boy when the cops arrive to investigate the situation and view surveillance footage. Ultimately, no charges were placed against the young man.

The video of the incident that took place two weeks ago has received over three million views with social media in an uproar over another incident in which a white person gets in their feelings for black folks just living their lives and uses the cops to make their lily-white world a little more convenient. Labeling Klein with the moniker “Cornerstore Caroline” social media went all the way in:

Surveillance video revealed that the boy was in no way, shape or form checking for Klein or her behind and his bookbag was the only thing to accidentally graze the woman’s body as he made his way through the store. VIBE reports that after being prompted by a journalist, 53-year-old Klein watched the video when returning to the store to buy cigarettes. After recognizing her error, she looked into the media outlet’s camera and apologized:

“Young man, I don’t know your name but I’m sorry.”

In the famous words of One Republic: It’s too late to apologize. As with cases we’ve seen before with #BarbecueBecky and #PermitPatty, it’s impossible to believe that white people aren’t fully aware of assault they are launching on people of color when they invoke the “Power of the Po Po”. Apologies will never erase the trauma this young man now has etched in his memory of the police being called on him for being black and going to school. If he wasn’t aware of his place in this world as a young black man and what that may mean specifically to white women, he is now and has essentially had a piece of his childhood stolen. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get that innocence back. So how about instead of apologies and remorse, we start thinking twice before we dial 911 and when our comfort zones are the slightest bit threatened, so we can avoid completely destroying someone else’s. You can view the apology video below:



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