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Starting this school year, High School students in Texas will receive a class, paired with a 16-minute video, that aims to teach them how to deal with law enforcement during a traffic stop.

CNN reports, the Community Safety Education Act, Senate Bill 30 was signed into law by the 85th Texas Legislature to help ease tensions between police and students due to the multiple shootings by police of unarmed citizens.

“We did not feel that we could stand idly by as these tragic incidents that erode public confidence and create distrust for law enforcement continue to occur without making an effort that could ultimately help save lives,” the author of the bill, state Sen. Royce West, said in a press release in 2017, when the bill passed the Texas Senate.

The video features two different traffic stops, one is example of how not to interact with officers, (this one shows two young white women behind the wheel, interacting with black police officers), and one that’s a “good” example of how to behave during a traffic stop (this one shows a man who appears Latino, with a black female cop and a white male officer). It also features an extended question and answer portion with a diverse group of Texas high school students and police officers.

The questions include:

  • What does an officer expect to see when he approaches our car? (Short answer: Not sure, but keep your hands visible and don’t move around.)
  • What happens if I don’t have my driver’s license, will I get arrested? (Short answer: Maybe. But probably not. But maybe.)
  • Do I have to get out of my car? I’m not a criminal? (Short answer: You getting out of the car is for the officer’s safety.)

Watch the full video above.


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