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When it comes to good sex, longevity from their partners may be the number one thing women have on their gift list for an ideal partner.

Of course, the goal is for the man to out last his woman, but is his condom up for the task?

A new condom out can reportedly last one-thousand strokes, The Sun reports.

According to the article, the research for the condom is being backed by former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. The condom would feature a self-lubricating hi-tech polymer-coated sheath. The extra fluid would make it less breakable.

Annabelle Knigh, a sexpert The Sun questioned about the report, believes that a man’t thrust game is way below 1,000 for a typical bed sesh.

She says: “The average sexual encounter lasts 19 minutes. Let’s say 25 per cent of that time is foreplay. So that’s almost 15 minutes of sex with around 30-40 thrusts per minute, or 600 thrusts in a session.”

Stroke number is also hard to measure, because a lot of the research is self reported, and people are likely to overestimate their numbers because it looks better to not be a minute man. Also the average sex session ranges from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. Such a wide difference makes it even more difficult to correlate stroke number with length of sex session.

Regardless of thrust number or length of the encounter,  a stronger condom would mean less breaking and less emergency trips to the pharmacy to pick up plan B. Time will tell what the price tag will be on this high quantity stroker and if it can keep up with the cheaper boys when it comes to consumer choice.



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