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Social media challenges are not just taking over the nation, they are taking over the world.

Here in the United States, they tend to be centered around performing—take the #DoTheShiggyChallenge, for example. Or, more recently, the #RightBackChallenge that has folks singing over an Ar’mon & Trey track while spilling tea. All in the name of good fun…mostly. But now, other countries are going viral here in the U.S. for taking challenges to new heights. Cue the “Flaunt Your Wealth” challenge, which started in Russia and has now taken China by storm.

The point of the trend is obvious, but how is it executed? Well, per the Inkstone News clip above, Chinese millennials are posing as though they tripped while trying to get out of expensive cars, “spilling” luxury items like designer bags, shoes, and money. With their wealth on full display, their photo is then taken—and now, people are either joining in on the fun or making fun of these wealthy kids taking photos face down on the floor.

But apparently the trend is not all fun and games, as two Chinese millennials were arrested for disrupting traffic this week. Altogether, the ladies were fined 160 yuan. From the South China Morning Post:

“Two Chinese women stopped their car on a pedestrian crossing in a busy city centre and, as they got out, one of them dropped her Gucci handbag, a pair of red-soled, high-heeled shoes, and an assortment of make-up on the street, spreading them around for effect. She then lay face down, with her legs still inside the car, as her friend began to shoot video of her ‘fall.’” “Another woman who ‘fell’ out of her Aston Martin onto a Shanghai pavement was fined 200 yuan (US$29), according to the city’s traffic police department,” the site states.

Apparently, money is becoming less and less of a “thing” to more and more Chinese folks: “The challenge highlights the growing number of wealthy Chinese and the equally rapidly widening wealth gap, and the resulting social tensions. Last year Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report predicted that the number of millionaires in China would increase to 2.7 million by 2022.”

Hit the flip to see more of the most viral #FlauntYourWealthChallenge photos and let us know if you’re here for it, or nah? Plus, click here to see “Medicine” singer Queen Naija joining in on some challenge fun after her lame ex did the absolute most on Instagram.


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