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Keanu Reeves

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As if the trailer for the new Lion King movie wasn’t enough to get us all in our feels, now this! Check it out!

Tim Allen spills the beans on Keanu Reaves involvement in the “Toy Story 4” project.

Vulture is reporting that Keanu Reeves will join the cast of the 4th Toy Story film. What we know of the Keanu’s character was unearthed by Tim Allen, who plays franchise co-star Buzz Lightyear. According to Allen, Reeve’s character is a little more eccentric than the rest of the regular cast, although he does bear a slight resemblance to Buzz, due to his “gentle and calm demeanor.”

“They really will surprise you with the toys they came up with,” Allen told Deadline. “Characters came back, new guys in it that are great. Keanu Reeves has got a great part.”



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