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What would you do if your daughter came home with a man as old as you and she wants him to sleep in your house?

Today on Sam Sylk’s Reality Hour Rewind that’s exactly what this woman issue is plus a little more.

Dear Sam

My daughter went away to college earlier this year. Me and here dad (we had her young and are not together) were so proud. She is the 1st in both our families to go to college. She worked hard getting academic scholarships and we have been working our bits off to get the money to cover the rest, we both work 2 jobs. She has been doing academically well she even found her 1st real boyfriend. She said she was coming home for the holidays and asked could her boyfriend come too. I agreed but I told her he couldn’t sleep in the same room or bed with her. She agreed. Well she should up last night with a man old enough to be her daddy!! I am livid so much so that I don’t want him in my house. She even was talking crazy talk about possibly leaving school to get a job in the college city she is in. I’m afraid of putting the man out because I don’t want her to go and push to that crazy job idea she has. My ex is ready to beat him to a pulp. How do I handle all this?

Check out what Sam Sylk slid out as advice to her below:

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