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When Billy McFarlands ‘FYRE FESTIVAL’ was set to hit the Bahamas to  become the mother of all music festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and the birth mother to all music festivals, Woodstock to shame.  Unlike Coachella that is in the middle of the dessert designed for the real music connoisseur, Fyre Festival was suppose to give you Coachella meets Sandals Royal Bahamian, with chartered flights, exclusive cabins, A-List artist, dinner with celebrities, if you can imagine it, it was suppose to at FYRE FESTIVAL. But what FYRE festival attendees got was an over crowded plane, a yellow bus and FEMA tents.  OH did I mention NO MUSICAL ARTISTS.

A scam/hussle/fraud, by concocted by FYRE founder Billy McFarland bilked investors and ticket holders out of millions and one Bahama Restaurant owner her life savings.

Thanks to Netflix airing a new documentary on the festival that set many wallets up in flames, titled ‘FYRE’ ,a hard working restaurant owner, Maryann Rolle that owns the Exuma Point Bar and Grille, was only trying to do the right thing by catering to the bamboozled only to get bamboozled herself.  Her testimony in the documentary touched so many peoples hearts that a Go Fund Me page was set up and now her life savings that was taken from her has been returned and doubled.   After not even wanting to speak about the Fyre Festival ever again, Maryann Rolle is thankful she did and to all that contributed.  (see video below)

Fyre Festival, founder Billy McFarland is now serving a 6 year sentence for fraud.  But it is also being reported that McFarland is still making plans for another Fyre Festival.

In November 2018, one month into his sentence, McFarland released a post-Fyre festival statement from jail, vowing to make things right by becoming a better person while serving his time.


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