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Tune in to the show tonight to catch another edition of the  #OhSoReal Scenario  ! Tonight, DeDe is asking for your advice, give us a call, (844) 258-8762 or feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook page!


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DeDe says she’s beginning to believe honesty is not the best policy. Last year, Ted, a childhood friend she hasn’t seen in many years came back into her life around her birthday. She told her husband that she would be meeting him for lunch and he didn’t seem concerned. At the lunch, Ted came with a gift for her birthday and at the end of lunch as they hugged to say goodbye, Ted kissed DeDe on the lips. He apologized and quickly left. DeDe told her husband and he laughed it off. Since then, any time they have have a disagreement, her husband brings up Ted. She’s asking if her man is insecure or could he be up to something?

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