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Pamela Anderson, who visited Julian Assange multiple times while he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past seven years, is fuming on Twitter following the WikiLeaks founder’s arrest. The detainment, which was made possible after President Lenín Moreno of Ecuador decided to stop sheltering Assange over his “repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols,” is in connection with an extradition warrant filed by United States authorities, according to the New York Times, raising the possibility that Assange “could be sent there for trial on charges related to the publication of the documents.” Anderson thinks the arrest is the U.K.’s diversion from “your idiotic Brexit bullsh*t.” She also attacked the U.S. and Ecuador.

“I am in shock. I couldn’t hear clearly what he said? He looks very bad,” the former-Baywatch actress tweeted (sic’d), referring to the video of Assange being forcibly removed from the embassy. “How could you Equador? (Because he exposed you). How could you U.K.? Of course — you are America’s bitch and you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bullsh*t.” Anderson added, “And the USA? This toxic coward of a President. He needs to rally his base? You are selfish and cruel. You have taken the entire world backwards. You are devils and liars and thieves. And you will ROT. And WE WILL RISE.”



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