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Now, this was a creative idea.

I know grown folks (like me) that hate hospitals or fear to ever have to go under the knife. Could you imagine how a kid would feel?

That is what Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe thought about when coming up with a creative and fun idea to help ease kid’s fear of going to surgery. They came up with having kids drive mini cars to the operating room. The cars can be operated by the patient and by remote.

The idea was sparked when a hospital in Buffalo and San Diego incorporated similar programs for their little patients.


“I saw the video and thought ‘we could do this’,” Adena Anesthesia Manager Deb Park explained. “We had a staff meeting and everyone was on board with the idea. The Anesthesia Department even donated the money to purchase the cars. I got to see the first case go back using them and I had tears in my eyes. The young girl was so excited. I’ve even seen some kids jump right out of their bed and get in the car.”

Doctors at Adena say the car rides have had a positive impact on the kids.

Source: 10TV

Chillicothe Hospital Using Mini Cars To Ease Kid’s Fear Of Surgery  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com

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