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Tune in to the show tonight to catch another edition of the  #OhSoReal Scenario  ! Tonight, Lia is asking for your advice, give us a call, (844) 258-8762 or feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook page!

Janet Jackson In 'Poetic Justice'

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Lia and Daniel are both 30 years old and after dating for the two years, Daniel just proposed. Lia said yes. She said she should be happy, but she just ran into the guy she dated for 5 years before Daniel. She had not seen him since the breakup, but she says seeing him now has her thinking she may still have feelings. She’s beginning to wonder if she rushed into the relationship with Daniel and is even thinking she may still be in love with the ex. Tonight, Lia wants to know is it possible to be in love with two men at the same time. She doesn’t want to hurt Daniel, but she feels confused. What is your advice to Lia?

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