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If you find yourself in big legal trouble, you’re going to want the best representation money can buy. But, imagine if you’re innocent but the court of public opinion has found you guilty, and now lawyers cant safely represent you. Roland Martin talks to Court TV anchor Yodit Tewolde about why this is dangerous.

Since the news broke that Chris Darden would be representing the man believed to have killed Nipsey Hussle he received a large amount of backlash. Due to death threats he and his family received he has recused himself from Eric Holder’s defense.

Tewolde finds it “scary” that the court of public opinion has the power to “affect a person’s quality of defense.” She says what the public doesn’t understand is that as an attorney, is the defend your client not agree with and “represent their ideologies.” Most importantly, the public has to remember that “everyone is entitled to counsel,” no matter what you think he or she did.


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