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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta starts with the reminder of Rasheeda and Kirk’s couples retreat. This was after the point that Sierra revealed that she cheated on BK… after she was mad at BK for an alleged (as per Karlie) inappropriate conversation with Pooh. BK is pissed and pulls his hood over his face because he doesn’t want to look at her. He’s irritated that Sierra has been looking like “the perfect person” this entire time while he has been looking like a dog. Then Sierra, in her confessional, says they both cheated on each other, then BK cheated again so they need to keep their distance for the rest of the trip.

Kirk and Rasheeda give them some advice then move on to Joc, his girl, Kendra, and all the stuff Karlie was saying about messing around with Joc. Karlie immediately starts getting defensive and Kendra ain’t with it. Kendra threatens to dog walk Karlie but that can’t happen because security got them on lock.

Once everything calms down the group, mainly Bambi and Rasheeda, attempts to talk to Karlie about playing carrier pigeon and starting drama. Karlie gets defensive and this goes nowhere but everyone thinks she’s trippin, which she is. Rasheeda, understanding that Karlie Redd is going through some things (miscarriage and breakup), goes to talk to Karlie for some one on one time and to give her more advice, which is that a relationship comes with love, trust, and forgiveness.

They hug it out then we head back to the city. Mimi meets Pooh for a kiki because she feels like she’s caught in the middle of Karlie and Pooh’s drama since their circle of friends go back about 10 years. Mimi calls Pooh out for what she had Che Mack do at the engagement party. Pooh basically said she was mad that Karlie didn’t invite her to the party. Yeah, she’s a bird. She also tells Mimi that she doesn’t mind talking to Karlie and trying to find a resolution and she doesn’t want the other girls to misunderstand her, so she’s going to throw a cocktail party and everyone’s invited. Yeah, that’s going to go well.

On the final day of the retreat at the cabin, Rasheeda has them doing the same exercise that keeps popping up during various Love and Hip-Hop group trips lately, across the franchise. Basically, they write a message on a paper boat and then sail away. The message is supposed to be something they want to let go. Everyone gets off what they need to get off and they feel like they lifted a load off. And Mo even finds Karlie again and they make up. The engagement is back on

Back in Atlanta, We find Tokyo Vanity performing at what Spice calls “one of the biggest shows in Atlanta.” Spice and Tokyo are buddy-buddy now so Spice is there supporting her girl. Che Mack is also there, chilling. Then Akbar V comes through and tells Che she feels some type of way about all these girls coming to Atlanta when she’s actually from there. Basically, trying to create beef out of nothing…but really for camera time.

Anyway, she performs later on and starts trash talking on the mic about how “everybody comes to Atlanta tryna get on” then she starts rapping about how real she is and lowkey insults the other transplant rappers around her (aka taping the show). This is obviously aimed at Obviously Tokyo Vanity feels some type of way so she grabs a mic and tells her to put a name on it. Akbar V says Tokyo don’t want no smoke. But you know she does. They attempt to fight but security gets them together until Spice, who is watching this all goes down in the cut, stealthily kicks off her Louboutins, hurdles over a couch and sprints toward Akbar V in an attempt to deliver Yardie fade. But security. You already know they were not going to let that happen.

So much for Akbar V “changing.” Anyway, let’s fast forward a bit. So, Pooh felt she was wrong about what she did to Karlie Redd at her engagement party. She also doesn’t want the other women to get the wrong idea of her so she decided to have a cocktail party. Because these types of things always go well.

Anyway, it ends with Karlie Redd and Pooh trying to kill each other again, with Pooh once again talking about how Karlie licked her butt and she says Karlie owes her $750.

Security doesn’t let them fight and that’s that. Next week we’ll have a Che Mack’s baby-daddy-cheating-scandal to look forward to.


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