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The increase in temperature will lead to an increase of shared scooters around the Downtown Columbus area this spring and summer.

But not everyone is happy about that. Especially those who feel like they can’t take advantage of what the scooters were initially put in the city for.

According to, the City of Columbus administration is keeping a close eye on the number of shared scooters and bikes being distributed across town.

The Columbus Department of Public Service required at least 100 vehicles be placed in struggling neighborhoods, termed by the city as “opportunity neighborhoods,” aka “the hoods”

“Twenty percent have to be in the opportunity neighborhoods of the City of Columbus. In looking through the data, we found that those guidelines were not necessarily being followed all the way,” said Michael Liggett, spokesperson for the department.

Based on the reports, the city found that only a fraction of the required number were being provided in neighborhoods like Linden, Near East, Franklinton and the Hilltop.

The city sent letters of violation to both companies. They have since been working with each company to ensure compliance. Spokespersons for the companies replied to city administrators via email.

A representative from Bird Rides, Inc said, “We’re reviewing everything and will ensure compliance on data report timing, and all other matters moving forward. Appreciate you all.”

Lime Bike spokesman replied, “Thank you so much for your confidence in our service. We really enjoy working in Columbus and with the City staff. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any issues.


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