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I bet the people that took this car where like WTF did we get ourselves into when they jumped in a car that was running at the gas station after a woman had run

in to pay for her gas leaving her 7 month old child in the car….can you say children services. But this should be a wake up call to everyone that dose this if you

leave your car running and run into the gas station or corner store there is a 50/50 chance that your car might be gone when you come out and if you got kids

that’s the ultimate no no. That’s what one mom found out when she was at UDF on Tussing rd. filling up her car and ran in to pay for the gas and a woman and

man jumped in her car and drove off with her child inside so no only did they commit a theft but they also have to ad kidnapping to that as well. Full Story Here 



7-month-old child found safe and returned to mother after car was stolen  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com