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We throw around terms like cultural appropriation and culture so much these days that the energy behind them just doesn’t feel the same. Sure, white people rocking cornrows can be seen as a culture vulture move, but it’s not until they claim ownership of it — like they started it — that makes it real thievery.

Imagine how Black folks felt back in the day, before social media. Before they were allowed to have a voice to complain about the robbery they experienced at the hands of white people. Especially when it came to music. Music was stolen from us so much that White people today actually believe that they created country and classical music.

Music Workshop Company: “In his 2006 book, Listening to Artifacts: Music Culture in Ancient Israel/Palestine, Theodore Burgh suggests that classical music ultimately has its roots in North Africa, in the art music of Ancient Egypt, as well as other ancient cultures such as Greece.”

With that being said, let’s take a look back a few of many times a White person stole music from a Black person and called it their own.

Cultural Thief-iation: 5 Times White Folks Stole Music From Black Artists   was originally published on

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