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They haven’t released her name, so for reporting purposes we are going to call this person, Susie The Ice Cream Licker.   All we know is far as names for sure is that this happened at a Walmart in Texas with a pint of Blue Bell ice cream…..(in my Slick Rick Voice) so here we go 🎶

According to reports and a not so smart person recording, Susie The Ice Cream Licker, walked into a store grabbed a container of ice cream out of a cooler in a freezer section, opened it, ran her tongue across it, laughed then put the container of ice cream back in the freezer.  Nasty, right?  And the reason we know all of this is because,  Susie The Ice Cream Licker, recorded and allegedly posted it.

What may have started as a what, she, Susie The Ice Cream Licker, thought was a funny prank has caused Blue Bell the Ice Cream to remove their ice cream (because they don’t know which one was licked or even how many).  Plus in the State of Texas what she did is chargeable as tampering with a consumer product a crime that carries a 2 to 20 year jail sentence.

Susie The Ice Cream Licker, did the nasty MOST to go viral, however is the punishment to harm?  What do you think her punishment should be?

Check out the video below then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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